Life is too short to drink bad wine!


I have decided to write this page about great red wines because I started tasting them with my grandfather when I was just a child.
I was just a three year old child and my Grandfather Cornelio used to walk with me in the field hand in hand. We were silently walking among the Merlot vineyard lines. Sometimes he would turn to a vine and start to talk, talk, talk. Of course I did not understand anything but I was very amused by seeing this big man speaking to the plants. He looked like a God from the north, like a modern Odin, or, sometimes, an old Greek philosopher and I was just his little poor fellow. Every one of his words had a different sound, alive and deep, it was almost like music. It opened my heart.
Now I have grown up a bit, but I can still feel the whispering of that old man, my grandfather. After a degree in Economics and Management and few years of a career in the financial market, in 2000 I decided to go for a “New Beginning” and ventured into a wine making company.
Now I run my wine company by myself and one of the pleasures of my life is to sit down, relax, and have the time to taste a wonderful red. I don’t always drink wine, but when I do it, I do it properly!

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