Paphio concolor x bellatulum

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This morning, while I was reorganizing my greenhouse, I found out that I have two Paphio (orchid) with different names but the same plant. In fact I have a conco-bellatulum and a wenshanense -found in the Wens Han area in Yunnan China-. A few weeks ago I was reading an internet review, I do not remember where honestly, and it came out that the natural primary hybrid between concolor (light yellow Brachypetalum) and bellatulum (spotted Brachypetalum) was originally named conco-bellatulum. The man-made hybrid between the same spices gives a quite different flower in terms of colors.  Thus the orchid community decided to call the natural hybrid between Paphio concolor and Paphio bellatulum a new species named Pahiopedilum wenshanense.

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