Sorry for having being away so long but may and beginning of june has been very busy for me. Apart the Vin Santo I have been working hard on the vineyard and I have been traveling around the world a lot.

Vineyard: we have been continuing to working on the vines in order to keep the canopy tight up in the cages, the vine’s trunk clean and working the soil to have a good consistency. At the moment we are trimming off the top of the plants. We want the vines to work on the foliage and on the grapes rather than keeping on growing in height.  We have a special machinery that we attach the front of the track that does the job really well.

foto 1 foto 3

Cellar: I have been preparing the vines of 2012 and Sangiovese 2011 for the bottling that will take place on the 24/25 of June. I have been moving the different wines from tank to tank in order to clean them as much as I can and to add little sulfites to protect them. Even though the low allow us to go up to 120 mg/litre we manage to keep our total sulphytes level at around 60/70 mg/litre.

Traveling: I have been traveling around the world to promote my wines; I was in Rio de Janeiro, Bruxelle, Amsterdam, Wien, Rome and Prague. It has been a tough time for me but I am sure we did a good job and I am now, for the rest of the summer, focusing only on the vineyard and preparing the cellar for the next harvest.

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  1. Mariya Sadikova ha detto:

    Bello articolo, ma dobbiamo correggere qualche errore. Bravo mio amorishki!

    Mariya Sadikova +39 3496613067


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