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At Leuta we strive to have a low carbon footprint, as low as we possibly can. Recently on one of our cellar tours and tastings, we had a visit from a couple from California. They were traveling in Italy and, luckily enough, they stopped by to visit us. We had a chance to speak with them about my wines, Leuta’s philosophy, as well as many other topics beyond the world of wine. As many of you know, we are very concerned about the environment and we do our best to keep Leuta as clean as possible. It turned out that Clay and Ariane were involved in a similar endeavor to ours here. We had a wonderful chat about everything relating to nature, and beyond. Ariane, an artist, writer, and novelist, just launched a new website which is full of interesting ideas. We decided to write something to highlight what we do at Leuta on a daily basis to be as environmentally invisible as possible.


Leuta, since is foundation in Y2K, has adopted a clean approach to agriculture. Since the very beginning we have been fully Organic and we are now entering the process to become certified. We didn’t feel the need to do this previously because a few years ago we were so small that we knew all of our customers and there was an inherent trust of what we were doing. Over time Leuta grew and now we are shipping wines in places where we are not yet known so we decided to have the organic certification in order to have everybody understand our philosophy and practices.


Since the 2005 vintage, Leuta adopted a vegan approach to vinification. We have never used products of animal origin in any processes related to wine making. Products such as albumin, casein, and isinglass and many other have never entered the production cycle.  We are now approaching step 2 of the vegan protocol. Soon we are going to eliminate the use of every other material needed in the vineyard/cellar such as leather gloves, leather boots and so on in order to be even less invasive on the environment. Only one more step will remain to be done in the future, regarding which we are still searching for a solution. At present, we use some organic manure to emend the soil and we haven’t yet found a product able to substitute for cow manure, but we will continue to search and I am sure that sooner or later something will be available. A natural approach is becoming more and more important every day and so I am confident that the market will make something available in the near future.


Regarding clean energy Leuta has adopted a two prong approach. Since we have two production sites, vineyards and cellar which are intertwined we were forced to split our approach. In the cellar, since we are renting the space at present, we just recently made an agreement with  a company that guarantees to produce energy only from environment friendly resources. For the vineyard, which we fully own, we are building a little photovoltaic facility that will be more than enough to provide the energy we need. We still need to find a solution for the night hours, during which of course we cannot produce our energy. We are working on it right now and we are confident that the solution will present itself soon.


Regarding packaging things are a bit more complicated. We just recently made an agreement with a labeling company and we will be using, starting vintage 2015 bottling, paper Favini Crush which is FSC certified, GMO free, contains 30% post-consumer recycled waste and is produced with EKOenergy, resulting in a 20% reduction in carbon footprint. Both the production process and the product are protected by European patent. Corks, bottles and sleeves are already certified for vegan use. The next step will be to use even environmentally-friendly cardboard for our boxes. We are currently evaluating some options and we will choose the one that can guarantee the lowest environmental impact


Green Building will be in a foreseeable future the approach that Leuta will adopt to build both the new cellar and the new house in the middle of our vineyard. The project is under way but it will take few more years before we will begin actual construction. The idea is again the one that is oriented to avoid an excess of stress of the environment. It will be our priority to keep all of you posted on what we keep on doing at Leuta to deliver to our worldwide clients even better and cleaner wines to satisfy not only your senses but also your emotions, always keeping in mind that where there is a will there is a way.

Cortona June 2017 – DLZ –

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