Sealed! Ciao ciao see you in 10 years ….. I hope to be still here …..

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The seal has been put on our Vin Santo “Caratelli”.

The wax seal is needed to avoid air to go into the little barrel and that’s it. Now everybody be patient because all it needs is just to rest for the next 10 years, see you in 2024.


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May – Time for Leuta Vin Santo –

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It is finally May 2014, I have been waiting for this moment since April 2004.

It was the beginning of April 2004 and I was crushing the grapes I had previously put aside for Vin Santo in September 2003. My idea was to produce a Vin Santo in the Tuscan tradition, a unique wine. I have been searching around for years to find the right “mother”. In Vin Santo wine making process a “mother” is a special selection of yeasts that have been brought to us by hundreds of year of selection. Finally, after having tasted more than 50 different “mothers”, I found the one I was looking for. It goes back to over 300 years and the man who handed over to me was – and from many point of view he still is – a very important and famous figure in the wine world of Montepulciano. He tought me everything in the last ten years, from the way to dry the grapes to the finishing of the Vin Santo. Today I am very proud and honored to have deserved his trust and to be the one who carries on his unique and incredible tradition.

Hopefully soon, even you will be able to sip and appreciate this wonderful nectar!

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Almost ready…

Late spring is traditionally the moment in which white wines start appearing on our table; during dinner and lunch we are slowly substituting reds with whites. Here at Leuta, in our twin project Lutea – Trentino – we have been working for a few years to produce white wine. The wine is ready for bottling and so it is time to prepare the new label, Lutea project is almost ready. The first Lutea white, a 100% Sauvignon Blanc, will be on the market at the beginning of June. Following the preview of the label.


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April vineyard activities!

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To run a vineyard at Leuta is a full time effort. The season starts with pruning to set the vines to reach an optimal combination of quality and quantity. As the temperature rises, at the beginning of spring, the vines start sprouting. At this point it is critical to keep the trunk of the vines clean from any buds that may have sprouted. We call this operation “scacchiatura”, it actually means to clean manually all the young buds that are coming out from the trunk of the vine. We do this in order to force the vines to concentrate on growing branches that will carry the grapes and thus avoiding any waste of the vine’s energy to grow unneeded vegetation. Together with scacchiatura we start spraying some products – we are an organic farm – mainly sulphur and copper – to avoid the proliferation of fungi that will deteriorate the leaf wall. Which is deadly important for allowing the grapes to ripen. Last but not least, during this month, we start working the soil. We keep on mulching the grass and the old branches in order to reintegrate the organic elements of the soil; being organic we cannot use any pesticide or other chemical stuff, so we have to use a mechanical system to get rid of the grass that eventually will steal elements from the soil. The next steps will be in May, with many other tasks performed in the vineyard.

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Life is too short to drink bad wine!


I have decided to write this page about great red wines because I started tasting them with my grandfather when I was just a child.
I was just a three year old child and my Grandfather Cornelio used to walk with me in the field hand in hand. We were silently walking among the Merlot vineyard lines. Sometimes he would turn to a vine and start to talk, talk, talk. Of course I did not understand anything but I was very amused by seeing this big man speaking to the plants. He looked like a God from the north, like a modern Odin, or, sometimes, an old Greek philosopher and I was just his little poor fellow. Every one of his words had a different sound, alive and deep, it was almost like music. It opened my heart.
Now I have grown up a bit, but I can still feel the whispering of that old man, my grandfather. After a degree in Economics and Management and few years of a career in the financial market, in 2000 I decided to go for a “New Beginning” and ventured into a wine making company.
Now I run my wine company by myself and one of the pleasures of my life is to sit down, relax, and have the time to taste a wonderful red. I don’t always drink wine, but when I do it, I do it properly!

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