May – Time for Leuta Vin Santo –

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It is finally May 2014, I have been waiting for this moment since April 2004.

It was the beginning of April 2004 and I was crushing the grapes I had previously put aside for Vin Santo in September 2003. My idea was to produce a Vin Santo in the Tuscan tradition, a unique wine. I have been searching around for years to find the right “mother”. In Vin Santo wine making process a “mother” is a special selection of yeasts that have been brought to us by hundreds of year of selection. Finally, after having tasted more than 50 different “mothers”, I found the one I was looking for. It goes back to over 300 years and the man who handed over to me was – and from many point of view he still is – a very important and famous figure in the wine world of Montepulciano. He tought me everything in the last ten years, from the way to dry the grapes to the finishing of the Vin Santo. Today I am very proud and honored to have deserved his trust and to be the one who carries on his unique and incredible tradition.

Hopefully soon, even you will be able to sip and appreciate this wonderful nectar!

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Una risposta a May – Time for Leuta Vin Santo –

  1. Mariya Sadikova ha detto:

    It’s my favorite Leuta wine! Just amazing!


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